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Cavaillon of Santaluz is coming back!

Monday, January 29, 2018   /   by Sean Zanganeh

Cavaillon of Santaluz is coming back!

The Cavaillon restaurant is coming back and will be under new management. San Diego chef Michael von Euw (picrured right) has bought the restaurant in hopes of reviving. Why was it sold in the first place? Original head chef Philippe Verpiand said he had had enough. Verpiand claims that his restaurant was under dined and under appreciated even though people raved about his cooking and blamed it on San Diego. But as we know its all about location, location, location. If you ask any San Diegan where a good place to get excellent food is they will immediately point you to south San Diego.

Northern San Diego is suburbia. Sprawled out neighborhoods with mostly strip malls whose inhabitants are focused more on their day to day lives, being successful in their career, and taking care of their families, and with all the amenities they need at home it takes extra motivation to get them out and into the "finer foods" of San Diego. Nobody says, "lets go to northern San Diego for a night out on the town, northern San Diego is a BLAST!"

If the original head chef, Philippe Verpiand, didn't think that his restaurant was a success then why is chef Michael von Euw taking the risk and continuing on with Cavaillon's lagacy in an area thats almost too far for anyone to consider driving to for a night out? First Euw says that all the gourmet ground work as been taken care of by Verpiand, the only thing he has to do is reinvent dishes to the likeness of his own cooking. Second, Santaluz is filled with a different type of suburbia dweller. The residents of Santaluz are successful, well-traveled people who appreciate finer dining and what better than to bring a fine restaurant closer than Del Mar to them.

Von Euw trained at London's Le Cordon Bleu and has many other great accomplishments under his belt. Food critics across the board believe that Cavaillon will be revived and will become the new hot spot of northern San Diego.

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