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Sean's Top 5 Home Organization Ideas To Do While You're Stuck Inside!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020   /   by Rebecca Arce

Sean's Top 5 Home Organization Ideas To Do While You're Stuck Inside!

Since schools and work are closed due to COVID-19, there are many hours to fill at home. To help you take advantage of these extra hours, we want to provide you with some simple organizational ideas for you to tackle when looking to re-organize your home.
Stay Safe and Keep Organized!
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Organize Your Pantry
Start by pulling everything out of your pantry. Then began to organize your foods into categories such as spices, canned goods, baking supplies, etc. We would recommend buying bins to put your food in to help keep these categories separated. Once your food is organized, you can wipe down your pantry shelves and began to put everything away. Another trick is to put your food away based on the expiration dates. If you have more than one of a certain item, arrange your food so that the item with the soonest expiration date is at the front, and the item with the later expiration date is at the back. 

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Organize Your Closet 
Start by trying everything in your closet on. Then create a pile of clothes that you want to keep and a pile of clothes that you want to give away. From there, fold and organize the clothes that you want to keep based on color, activity or style. If you want to create even more room, you can take your seasonal items and box them away in large plastic tubs to put at the top of your closet. 

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Clean Out Your Garage
The garage is often a place where most of our random junk piles up. To tackle this task you must start by emptying the entire garage. Once everything is off the shelves and walls, hose everything down and let dry.  While your walls and shelves are drying begin to sort through everything and create piles for what you want to donate, keep, sell, and throw away. Once you have decided what you want to keep, it is time to put it all away. We recommend utilizing space by hanging items vertically and consolidating similar items into a few plastic bins. 

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Sort Through Your Entertainment Center
With technology advancing, there is very little need to have piles and piles of hard copy things such as CD's and DVD's anymore. These items take up much more space than we realize. Pull out all the CD's, DVD's, Games and whatever else you may have. Create piles based on what you want to keep and what you want to give away. Once you have decided what you want to keep, buy a CD/DVD/Game storage binder and put everything in it. Voila, you just got a ton more storage space!

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Go Digitial
Upload and scan all printed photos you may have to your computer. This way, you will always have these items backed up somewhere and you do not have to worry about loosing them! If you are really technically advanced, you can convert and upload old home movies to your computer too!

Click here for more details on how to scan/upload photos
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