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Why Poway Unified School District is so amazing!

Monday, January 29, 2018   /   by Sean Zanganeh

Why Poway Unified School District is so amazing!

Many people, move to north county inland San Diego, to move into the Poway Unified School District. I myself have been educated and taught in this highly acclaimed school district. I wanted to share some of the values and goals they have for all of their student.

PUSD Mission Statement


The Poway Unified School District is a national leader in public education serving as a gateway to our students’ future. Our students graduate prepared to succeed in college and in a wide range of post-secondary options in order to work and live productively.

We hold high expectations for all students. We provide strong core programs, and multiple pathways to ensure each student acquires the key content skills and knowledge, the necessary habits of mind, and the behaviors and attitudes essential for their future success.

We hire, retain, and support the highest quality staff from diverse backgrounds to ensure our students’ learning.

We use our resources to achieve extraordinary results. We seek both practical innovations and continuous improvements to the learning environment for students, parents, and staff.

We develop working partnerships with parents and the community to support our mission.


This mission statement is founded upon the following seven core values:

  1. All Students Learning
    We are committed to all our students learning. We will ensure that each student, to the best of his or her ability, will master the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes essential for success in school and in a diverse society.

  2. Parents as Partners
    We are committed to promoting student learning through parent partnerships that
    • involve parents in their child's education
    • foster shared responsibility among students, parents, and staff
    • link families with school and community resources
    • encourage broad-based representation in the decision-making process
    We believe parents make a difference.

  3. Competent and Caring Staff
    We are committed to selecting, developing, and supporting the best possible staff that
    • Understands and contributes to the learning process
    • Cares about students
    • Performs at a high level
    • Respects and supports others
    • Acts in an ethical manner
    • Seeks improvement through continuous learning
    • Communicates appropriately and effectively
    • Values the uniqueness of each individual

  4. Staff Participation in Decision Making
    We are committed to making effective decisions through the extensive involvement of staff affected by the decision.

  5. Safe, Orderly, and Attractive Environment
    We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, orderly, and attractive environment which promotes productivity and stimulates learning.

  6. Effective Management of Resources
    We are committed to aggressively seeking and to creatively and effectively managing our resources. These include students, community, finances, technology, time, facilities, and other physical resources.

  7. Excellence in All We Do
    We are committed to
    • Our collective contribution to learning
    • High levels of performance
    • Continuous improvement
    • Adapting to the needs of our diverse population
    • Pride throughout our organization

The basic skills necessary include but are not limited to the development of:

  • Mastery of the basic skills of computation, writing, reading, spelling, and speaking

  • An understanding of and commitment to moral precepts and ethical behavior

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Self-discipline

  • Research skills

  • Civic understanding

  • Consumer understanding

  • Career understanding

  • Effective decision making processes

  • Careful stewardship of natural resources

  • Physical and mental health including knowledge concerning sex and social diseases

  • Appreciation of art, music, and foreign languages

  • A thirst for knowledge

  • Respect for others and for property

  • Understanding the risks of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and the development of an attitude against its use

Core Values

  • All Students Learning

  • A Competent and Caring Staff

  • Parents as Partners

  • Staff Participation in Decision-Making

  • Effective Management of Resources

  • A Safe, Orderly, and Attractive Environment

  • Excellence in All We Do

Attitudes Expected For All Students

Honesty, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, keeping promises, pursuing excellence, being kind and caring, and being respectful, being fair, and being a good citizen.

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PUSD serves the communities of Poway, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, Del Sur, Santaluz, & Carmel Valley