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real estate politics

Monday, January 29, 2018   /   by Sean Zanganeh

real estate politics

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ow, I’m not going to knock Zillow and Trulia. Each of these tools is in business because it’s brought something new and innovative to the real estate table. But the fact remains that the information they make available for home values is very often wrong. Dead wrong. Sometimes, its values are dramatically below actual market price, sometimes they are far above.

These services simply cannot provide the perspective that (A) a human being and (B) someone who’s intimately familiar with an area can.

When you work with a real estate professional, work with someone who understands the subtle nuances of the neighborhoods in their market area. Work with someone who knows that homes on the side of the street with water views are going to cost more than those on the side of the street with no view (for the record, Zillow can’t tell the difference).

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