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Something a little different...

Monday, January 29, 2018   /   by Sean Zanganeh

Something a little different...

A Job Well Done!

Be inspired by perfection but don't be stopped by it. Seek to get it
perfect, yet even when it won't be perfect go ahead and get it done.
Set your standards high, but not so high that you fail to get anything
accomplished. Give your very best to every effort by following through
with whatever you start.

You can always think of excuses and scenarios for possible
disappointment. But excuses and worries won't accomplish anything.

Just go ahead, step right in and get started. You'll make some mistakes
along the way and have the valuable opportunity to learn much from them.
Commit to your intentions and act on them. Give effort and energy to
what you value most.

At every opportunity, make a difference. And know the sweet fulfillment
of a job well done.

A good friend sent that to me and it really makes you think about the day ahead..

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